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Written by  May 16, 2018

1. Real name Betty Nassali.

2.  She did her internship at NBS youth voice and still ended up with no job after trying to compete with the TV presenters on the show. She then ended up sitting in for Robin Kisti for a month on Login show and wanted a permanent job on the show but still didn't get the opportunity because she was allegedly not good enough.

3. She dated TV veteran personality J. Kazoora who has a production company that was shooting "BE MY DATE"  show on NTV; the show was an outside production and Bettinah had to date Kazoora in order for her to be a presenter on the show after Anita Fabiola.

4. Bettinah has always fancied the life of the rich since she doesn’t come from a well off family but pretends to be a rich kid in town. As she lies about having rich parents, her mother co-rents a hardware store in  Nakasero, near Nakasero Market. She hails from Busunju Wakiso district. She loves to live lavish and as she was growing up she has always admired girls like Nadia Mbiire, Sheilah Gashumba, TkBerries ( KT promotions’ daughter) etc

5. Bettinah spends her time sitting in hotels to find rich men and when she meets them, the first thing she talks about is traveling to other countries. She also meets men through Instagram who finance her trips that she posts on instagram and Snapchat. This business is popularly knows as being an ‘escort’! {googleads right}

6. Two years ago, a man exposed Bettinah for allegedly sending him nude photos and asking him to deposit money on her account if he wanted more nude photos from her.

7. This year Bettinah posted on her social media accounts about how she was graduating from Cavendish University which was a lie. Cavendish University paid her to advertise the university and she came up with an idea of pretending to have graduated from there after several retakes at MUBS.

8. Bettinah has fake Instagram followers. She pays a few dollars to an add that gives her ghost followers making it look like she is one of the most followed people on Instagram.

9. Bettinah can’t post a photo of herself that isn’t photoshopped or edited by a professional camera man. Betinah is very insecure with her body, she feels her arms are too big, tummy is big, big legs and even when you see her posting photos trying to pretend that she loves her dark skin tone, she is always overheard complaining how her skin is not evenly toned and pale. Those who know Betinah know that she doesn’t allow to take photos of her or post photos of her without her permission because they must be edited first{googleads right}

10. Last but not least, Bettinah grew up eating a ROLEX. She has probably had 100 of them and more!

That's Bettinah for you!

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