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Written by  Oct 10, 2017

Spice Diana is nursing deep wounds after Ugandan police allegedly beat her to the point that she was taken to hospital in critical condition.This came after she performed at a show in Kampala:

“#ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! This goes to Uganda police force .Today after my first performance at the #carnival I was #beaten So #badly and #disrespected by #ruthless so called police officers and am nursing wounds,as they trying to #arrogantly do there job as they stated , with this arrogance of just recklessly pushing people ,beating up any body . They never notice they harm innocent souls , kids inclusive. But I think a trained officer would handle a situation o crowd also knowing not every one in that crowd is bad . In that way many of Our brothers and sister fall victims of circumstances.
Dear #bivulu promoters as you invite us to entertain and happen with our people , also show some respect and value our dear lives therefore heir trained and professional police officers for security and not gamblers that have a lot of problems in there families and they try to console themselves by beating up innocent people like animals .And many of my fellow artists and innocent civilians have fallen victims which is unfair in our own country.”

She added:

“We give you power to protect us, keep law and order but ts you the same people that go against the law and do vice verser .why should we be treated like strangers in our own country. You employ heartless humans with no sense of humanity.
Today i have seen t with my two eyes ,many of my brotherz and sisters have been treated in a manner that is unnecessary ,i v realised that the current police z nothing but useless ,the way they handle situations is not professional yet they say they are trained ,they never apply their so called skills but only use their arrogance and so called powers to disrespect and toture there fellows humans like animals.”

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