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Written by  Aug 07, 2017

Lawyers under their umbrella organization Uganda Law Society (ULS) have demanded that government drops the Land Amendment bill currently before Parliament.

Their position which was delivered by the current ULS president Francis Gimara is that there is no need for the proposed amendments as the existing law caters for everything required.

Gimara further stated that the proposed amendments will ‘raise legal and practical’ challenges if the government goes ahead with them.

“Parliament cannot make an amendment which negates fair and adequate compensation prior to taking property,” this Gimara said is unconstitutional and limits the fundamental right to own property.

This follows widespread concerns from across the entire country that the amendments, tabled before Parliament by Otafiire (Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister) poses a serious threat to the land ownership rights of Ugandans as was enshrined by Article 26 of the Constitution.

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