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Masembe's greed makes him forget his work ethics!

Written by  Jul 19, 2017

City Lawyer Timothy Kanyerezi Masembe is one man who forgets and ignores everything including his work's code of conduct when it comes to money! For starters, Masembe through his Masembe Makubuya Adriko Karugaba

and Ssekatawa (MMAKS) Advocates where he is the Managing Partner is one of the Lawyers who has been lined up by BoU to take on Sudhir in a purported fraud case.

Masembe is a former lawyer for Crane Bank hence bringing into play conflict of interest!
To worsen matters, Masembe is the Board Chairman of NC Bank which is regulated by BoU!!
Masembe who previously worked for Crane Bank but has now advised BOU to sue his former client, and consequently instructed to do the job for a whooping Sh13b cannot execute the job under regulations by the Uganda Law Society due to the fact that he is the board chairman of NC Bank and also a former Counsel to the accused party (Crane Bank)!!! It is a conflict of interest and any law student knows this!! NC Bank Group is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.
If NC Bank collapses tomorrow, would it make sense for MMAKS by virtue of being BOU perennial external lawyers to prosecute/litigate NC Bank or its shareholders? 
These are scams disguised as genuine court cases that most likely will end in settlements where lawyers will run away with sacks of cash and quite possibly buildings in prime places. 
The long list of the mostly financial institutions clients that MMAKS have or have represented are because they have BOU’s external lawyers for over 10 years.
If ULS cannot see the kind of pingpong involved in this high powered game, it’s quite unfortunate for the Justice system in this country?

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