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Written by  Jan 16, 2018

Thirty six Rwandans, two Burundians and seven others have been charged with terrorism, the establishment of a terrorist institution and forgeries have been remanded at Mbarara Central Prison. They were appearing before Mbarara grade one magistrate for the mention of their case.

They allegedly committed the offence of terrorism on December 11, 2017, at Kikagati along the Uganda-Tanzania border in Isingiro district. The offence put against the accused persons reads that the group and others still at large travelled outside Uganda for the purpose of perpetrating, planning and participating in terrorist acts or providing or receiving terrorist training for political, religious, social or economic gain without due regard to the safety of others or property. Six out of the Of the 45 suspects are also charged with the establishment of a terrorist institution at various places on December 11, 2017.

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During the court, session presided over grade one magistrate Ms Daphine Ayebale defence lawyers said that the suspects include seven Juveniles and requested that court grants them court bail if the government can’t detain them in a gazetted remand home. The state attorney Anthony Kurugyishuri said such an arrangement needs enough time because it has financial implications requires a lot of coordination as well which forced Okong Innocent one of the defence lawyers to protest saying financial implication is none of Juvenile offenders business adding that they should not have been arrested if government was not ready to keep them a remand home The magistrate who said that her court has no jurisdiction to try capital offences concurred with the defence lawyers and ordered that only suspects whose particulars on the charge sheet indicate that they are juveniles be taken to remand home. The case involving the Rwandan Nationals has caused tensions between Uganda and Rwanda, with Rwanda accusing Uganda of arresting its innocent citizens

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