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Social activist & Entrepreneur Frank Gashumba Malingumu is one of the happiest lads in dusty city Kampala after Buganda Road court dismissed various charges he was facing with his co-accused Ismail Kiyingi and his brother Innocent Kasumba, on Thursday morning.

Buganda Road court Chief Magistrate Stella Amabilisi dismissed a case in which Government accused Gashumba and his brother of forgery of army stamps, travel documents, dealing in illegal trade of marijuana among others.

Gashumba told our reporter  on phone shortly after the court ruling thus; “My charge sheet had 27 counts, I have reported 23 times since November 2017, but no Government agent has ever appeared in Court to defend their propaganda. “

He added that “This is persecution; they thought I would tire and ware out, they’re ashamed. But we’re going to sit with my lawyers (Denis Nyombi of Denis Nyombi & co.advocates) and see what next.”

Gashumba’s troubles started in November 2017, when operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) arrested him and co-accused, presented them before the press at Army Headquarters in Mbuya with ‘exhibits’ of fo marijuana among others.

However, after seven days in detention, they were granted bail by court as the police conducted more investigations into their cases, although no incriminating evidence had ever been adduced in court to pin them, which perhaps prompted the Magistrate to dismiss the case.

Gashumba has now vowed to take Govt to Court for compensation,in which he will be seeking for over shs1Billion in damages and legal costs.


I've been a DFCU customer for the last 7 years but the stories I see on social media & from the information I get from friends inside the bank indicated that something fishy is going on inside the financial institution. The situation is quite similar to what happened to in the Crane Bank saga.

It begun as a rumour on social media, Bank of Uganda was exclusively quiet and in the end we all know what happened; Crane Bank was closed. This ended up being an inconvenience to me & many of my friends who were banking there.

Another old boy of mine working with Financial Regulatory Authority tells me it will be God's mercy for DFCU to keep its doors open to the end of their year.
And from what he tells me, the new Managing Director, Mathias Katamba & other top managers at the bank have been accumulating properties at an alarming rate, on the outskirts of Kampala to avoid being scrutinized & detected. How sure are we they are not using our hard earned deposits to pile up this wealth?

Bank of Uganda, please come out & clear the air! A reasonable fraction of us have our entire life savings in DFCU bank. If this bank ends up closing, you should be ready for us to carry our beddings and families and camp outside your premises.

The other great indicator of this arising situation is the hassle one one goes through, simply though the Automated Teller Machine services of DFCU. The systems are always down and one is forced to go join the long queues inside the bank.

KKOOTI etegeezezza nti abantu abatandise okugujubana okugula ebimu ku bintu by’omugagga asinza amayumba e Kololo n’amakkampuni Mw Mohan Kiwanuka ali mu kkooti n’omu ku batabani be  Ssebuliba Kiwanuka bandigula empewo.

Eno etegeezezza nti waliwo obujulizi okuva mu basawo abakugu e Bungereza ababadde beekebejja Mohan Kiwanuka abazudde gye buvuddeko nti alina obulwadde bw’okwerabira n’egamba nti omuntu ow’engeri ng’eno tayinza kukola bizinensi bwanamunigina.

Okusinziira ku alipoota y’abasawo okuba mu The City of London Medical Centre ng’eriko omukono gwa Dr Farook Maniyar eraga nti Mohan Kiwanuka atawanyizibwa ekirwadde ky’okwerabira.

Omuntu alina obulwadde buno kigambibwa nti ayinza okukuguza ekintu n’omusasula kyokka ssente nazireka wemuwandikidde nga tamanyi  oba okuwandika endagaano ate mu maaso n’ategeeza bwatagimanyi.

Emu ku bbaluwa gye twafunyeko kkopi, Dr Maniyar eyeekebejja Mohan Kiwanuka yategeezezza gye buvuddeko nti musajjamukulu atawanyizibwa ekirwadde kino nti era atera okubuuza ebintu bingi byeyandibadde amanyidde ddala obulungi ekiraga nti alina ekizibu.

Yawadde eky’okulabirako ky’olunaku Mw Mohan Kiwanuka lwe yali mu Amerika noomu ku bakazi be Mari Kiwanuka nga bagenze ku  mikolo gy’okutikkira omwana wabwe kyokka n’abuuza omukyala wag ye baali bali n’ensonga eyali ebatwazizaayo.

Wano omu ku balamuzi abali mu misango gya Kiwanuka we yalabulidde nti omunti bwati tayinza kutunda kintu mu mateeka kubanga asobola okukola ensobi oba okugimukozesa n’alabula ababadde batandise okwesunga okudondola ebimu ku bintu by’omugagga nti bandifirizibwa.


Jordan Sebuliba has for a long time been the company Secretary and Director of his father's (Mohan Kiwanuka) vast business empire until May this year!

Just like his father, Sebuliba is a coolheaded down to earth youngman who has greatly been trusted by his father and he was the only child of his 8 children who has been at a management level of his businesses. If you met him on the streets of Kampala, you wouldn't tell that he is a son of a multi billionaire!  

Those who are close to Kiwanuka's family will tell you that no employee in all his father's empire would get paid without his signature.
Kiwanuka Senior is battling with alzheimer, a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions to the extent of forgetting basic things like members of your own family!

It's from this background that Kiwanuka junior took a decision to lodge caveates on all his father's properties to safeguard them from people who would use his father's health condition to grab or tamper with them.

Kiwanuka has 5 children with his first wife Beatrice Kiwanuka and 3 children with his second wife Maria Kiwanuka. Kiwanuka junior is a son to the first wife.

Actually, in May this year she(his first wife) influenced Kiwanuka Senior  to fire his right hand man (Kiwanuka Junior) as the company secretary and Director and she took over the role in several business entities owned by her husband.

Maria Kiwanuka is well aware of her husband's state of health given the fact that one time they traveled to the US for the graduation of one of their children and during the graduation ceremony, he asked her what they had come to do in the US!

Kiwanuka junior wants court to ensure the status quo of all the properties and businesses remains until his father recovers.

The Court must be fair to Kiwanuka's children and the local entrepreneurs to ensure their legacy lives on!

By Michelle Bagala


There’s many a mother who’ll say that the stresses of parenthood have aged them. And now a study has proved them right.

For researchers found that women’s ageing is accelerated by up to two years every time they giving birth.

It means the more children a woman has, the shorter her life expectancy may be. The study, on more than 3,200 women aged 20 to 22 in the Philippines, found each birth has a damaging effect at the cellular level.
Mothers with several children saw their cellular age increase by half a year to two years each time they had a baby, the researchers at Northwestern University, Illinois, found.

They looked at two markers of cellular ageing – telomere length and epigenetic age – both of which they said ‘independently predict mortality’.

Lead author Calen Ryan said: ‘Both [markers] appeared ‘older’ in women who had more pregnancies in their reproductive histories. Even after accounting for other factors that affect cellular ageing, the number of pregnancies still came out on top.’

The team said the cellular changes during pregnancy may be related to adaptive changes in the mother’s immune system.

They are now carrying out a follow-up study on the women, who had their first measurements taken in 2005, to see if their cells still appear older in later life. The study was published in Scientific Reports.

Source Dailymail

Protesters showed their frustration at several new proposed taxes and other unpopular economic policies. In a state of 'economic emergency,' Lebanon is one of the world's most indebted countries. 

The Lebanese government on Friday scrapped a a 20-cent (€0.18) daily charge on voice calls made through WhatsApp just hours after announcing it.

The move came after hundreds of protesters took to the streets in anger at the state's handling of economic policies and the tax on calls made through the voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP), used by applications including WhatsApp, Facebook calls and FaceTime. 

Police and security forces fired tear gas at protesters as they tried to push through security barriers around the government headquarters. It was one of the biggest demonstrations the country has seen in years.

Despite the backdown, protesters continue to demand economic reform. "We are not here over WhatsApp, we are here over everything: over fuel, food, bread, over everything," said Abdullah, a protester in the capital Beirut.

"We are asking for jobs, for our rights, electricity, water, we are demanding education," said another protester.

Demonstrators gathered in Beirut's Riad al-Solh square, some waving Lebanese flags and chanting, "the people want to topple the regime" and "we need a revolution."

DW's Diana Hodali in Beirut said the city was "literally burning." Almost all major roads were "blocked by burning tires and garbage," she wrote on Twitter.

"The protests were sparked by the plan to raise taxes on VoIP," Hodali said. "But they are a culmination of recent shortages like bread and fuel. There is rampant corruption and a complete mismanagement of public funds."

Pius Bigirimana, President Museveni’s blue-eyed Permanent Secretary is back in the news again for wrong reasons!
Bigirimana, who was at the center of a multi-billion shilling scandal in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in which over Shs. 50 billion meant for post war recovery in Northern Uganda was misappropriated by the OPM staff, was last week humiliated by the American embassy when they denied him a visa.
He was among the top judiciary officials invited to attend the inauguration of Prof Jim Gash as the President of Pepperdine University in Los Angeles.
This incident came just weeks after U.S. treasury secretary slapped sanctions against former IGP Gen Kayihura, accusing him of corruption and human rights violations.

Reliable sources at the U.S embassy in Kampala have told us the decision to deny a visa to Bigirimana was based on reports of his involvement in corruption scandals that have been looming on  since 2012.  

Bigirimana often clashed with Nakiwala Kiyingi, the state minister for Youth and Children Affairs over the Youth Livelihood funds.

In May 2018, Bigirimana was rejected by power distributor, Umeme shareholders as one of their board of directors at their annual general meeting held at Sheraton Kampala hotel.
Bigirimana had been nominated by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) as a non-executive director of Umeme. NSSF is the biggest shareholder in Umeme and is partly under the ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.
Other nominees included Anthony March, Andrew Buglass, Stephen Emasu and Riccardo Ridolfi. After the nominees presented their credentials, they went out to allow for a vote, after some shareholders refused to endorse them without a vote. After a simple vote, the shareholders accepted all other nominees except Bigirimana whom they said were uneasy with due to his tainted image over alleged corrupt practices.

Bigirimana also came under scrutiny before the Land Probe Commission last year after he reportedly requested and received Shs 504 million from the Land Fund in 2016 for 50.5 acres of land on plot 5 Bulemeezi, block 103 that had been encroached on by squatters despite not qualifying for the compensation.

At one time Security minister Gen Elly Tumwiine branded Bigirimana and secretary to the treasury in ministry of Finance, Keith Muhakanizi "thieves".

 “Both Pius Bigirimana and Keith Muhakanizi are thieves; I told them point blank in their faces, they are the thieves in prime minister’s office. They are accounting officers according to section 55 of the finance act, if you mishandle money, you are held responsible,” Gen Tumwine said.
Bigirimana was at the time the PS  at Gender ministry  and had demanded that Tumwiine start paying rent for using Nommo gallery but Tumwiine argued, saying the gallery was given to the artists by then President Milton Obote and that its not government property.

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Bobi Wine’s influence is going to produce many MPs in the next election, that isn't debatable; majorly because people are tired of this sick regime. But trust me, People Power can't produce Bobi Wine as the next president of Uganda. Here’s why.

President Museveni isn't in power because of a ballot but simply because of a gun, which was his means of power grab in 1986. And he has managed to keep his grip on power by use of the same means. Take a look at UPDF; it's an extension of Museveni. UPDF doesn't belong to Ugandans but it belongs to Museveni, he uses UPDF in anyway he wants.

Dr. Besigye has successfully defeated Museveni three times but he isn't in statehouse. And there will be a repeat of this in 2021.

People Power should tell me one trick they are going to ise in 2021. UPDF, Uganda Police, Uganda Prison all serve  Museveni. Our dear president can jail you in any prison he wants anywhere in Uganda like he did to Besigye so use your NDADAMUNTU  to join SACCOs somewhere and get a loan. But if you think Ndagamuntu can unseat Museveni you are dreaming.

Those people you see around Bobi Wine and those who go to his home in Magere are simply milking whatever opportunities they can out of him. And do not be deceived that they love him.
They move with him because they know he is famous and know he is the stepping stone they need to get to where they have to be.

Once he loses out on the 2021 elections, they will even stop answering his phonecalls once they have made to Parliament and he’s licking his wounds from his loss.

It should be remembered that Gashumba isn't the first to say Ndagamuntu can't unseat Museveni; even Dr Besigye once said the same.

Share with us your thoughts on the matter;  do you think Gashumba is right?
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