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Unmasking the hidden truth

Over the weekend, some of our own Ugandan celebrities woke up with no Instagram account. Among them was Judith heard with over 20k followers, Anne Kansiime with over 250k followers, Mona faces

THE director General of Internal Security Organization (ISO) Director General, Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda is in deep trouble for arbitrary arresting and detaining people with trial.

She was just 12 years old when she was gruesomely burned on February 2, 2006 by her stepmother. The latter allegedly made her put on a dress soaked in paraffin and then light a candle.

Aisha’s compelling story became sent shock waves throughout the public, and images of her burned body were front page news. She was lucky to be alive, as the incident left her severely scarred.  But God is good all the time and definitely when you trust in God you always win.

Today, twelve years after that unfortunate incident, Nabukeera is all smiles having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration at Uganda Christian University (UCU).

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Aisha Nabukeera on this wonderful milestone. She received her accolade on Friday July 6, 2018 alongside1,024 other  students who graduated at the main campus of UCU in Mukono.


Aish Nabukeera when she was 6yrs

All this would not have been possible without city businessman, activist and Ssisimuka Uganda CEO Frank Gashumba who decided to take the mantle of a caretaker and ensure Aisha Nabukeera lives a life full of love and care.  

This tremendous journey begun back in 2007 when Gashumba won custody over Nabukeera through a court battle in Masaka for the custodianship against her biological father Ahmad Masaka.  

After being awarded custody over Nabukeera, Frank Gashumba adopted her and picked her from Masaka and brought her to his Mansion in Buziga.

 He went on to mobilize  funds for the three surgeries required for her recovery. She would later join City Parents Primary School, at the age 13 and was able to score Aggregate 14 in 2008’s Primary Leaving Exams.
Nabukeera acquired a sponsorship from the late Lawrence Mukiibi of the St Lawrence Schools for her secondary.

In 2009, she started senior one at Horizon College of St Lawrence and it is from there that she successfully completed her Senior Four, scoring Aggregate 31 and later joined London College of St. Lawrence where she did her A’ level before being admitted to Uganda Christian University.

 A few years later in 2015, she was one of many girls that contested for the Miss Uganda crown but unfortunately didn’t win. A few months later, she was awarded the Special Courageous Achievement Award by the Diva Awards.

 Her story is a success story of victory over child abuse. She says: “I hope to achieve a lot in future so that I can be the voice to the needy especially children who have undergone a situation like my own but with no voice to fight for them.”

Mr. Gashumba, who has been her legal guardian, says: “We appreciate Aisha for realizing that she is the one who has to write her own destiny and not anybody else.

She forgot what happened to her and was able to concentrate on her studies to determine her own destiny. I also thank the late Prof.Lawrence Mukiibi for the opportunity he gave her.  And finally, I pray that God helps us identify people who fight against children so that they can be justly punished.”

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As of Monday evening June 25, 2018, Betty Nambooze was still at her hospital bed at Kirundu Hospital. She is under 24/7 surveillance by Police and other security operatives, her deteriorating state of health notwithstanding.

Despite the doctors and medical experts warning that her spinal cord problem could worsen if not given urgent attention, Police  is not relenting. All the while, her family and colleagues in the opposition look on helplessly.
Her predicaments started on June 13, when was arrested to answer questions in connection with the murder of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

She was released that day on police bond but re-arrested on June 15, before the expiry of her bond.
So for close to two weeks Nambooze has been held by police at Kirundu.  I am sure many of you will agree with me that Nambooze has been absolutely snubbed  by not only  her Buganda Caucus colleagues but also  by the Mengo establishment which she has always support vigorously. {googleads right}

The Mengo establishment and Buganda caucus have disowned Betty Nambooze more less the same way Simon Peter disowned Jesus, according to the Gospel of John.

Nambooze is largely renowned as a fiery agitator of Mengo and Buganda causes, something that has often landed her in trouble.  Back in July,2008, she nearly lost her life when she was brutally arrest 2008 along with Medard Seggona and Peter Mayiga and incarcerated in Bundibugyo for several weeks.

At the time, Mengo and prominent Baganda politicians collectively made a lot of noise that the regime was forced to release the trio (Nambooze, Mayiga and Seggona), albeit after weeks of physical and psychological torture.

Nambooze has always been at the fore front, when it came to defending her Kabaka and Buganda cause.

So that is why I find it perplexing that Mengo would suddenly turn their back on her, at a time when she needed them the most!

Ironically, Mengo has disowned Nambooze when the parson at the helm is Peter Mayiga, her former inmate when they were abducted and caged in the remote Bundibugyo district for weeks without even being brought before a judge.  

For all the days that the very frail Nambooze has been held at Kirundu, not even a statement from Mengo or a visit by Mengo official to commiserate with her or her family has come forth.  So is Mayiga and others at Mengo waiting for a death announcement of Betty Nambooze so that Mayiga proclaims that GUTUSINZE AYI SSAABASAJJA?   
Besides Mengo, the other interesting ‘bunch’   is the Buganda Caucus! Now this group of over 100 Buganda MPs in the tenth Parliament really amuses me. {googleads right}

 If they cannot come out with a common voice/statement when their very own, the Vice chairman emeritus is improperly treated by the regime, then what is their relevance?

I imagine if Raphael Magyezi or any MP from the Kigezi or Ankole region had been in the same situation, I believe delegations would have already swarmed Entebbe state house to have their daughter /son pardoned by the Ssaabagabe.
But alas! Here in the central (Buganda), the Ssabagabe will eat us one by one until no one is left to raise his/her head.

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KAMPALA businessman Simpson Birungi, the CEO of Movit Products Ltd is still being held incommunicado in ungazetted safe house despite a court directive to release him unconditionally.

Birungi, commonly known as ‘Movit’ was on June 7 arrested by unidentified armed men before being detained a suspected safe house in Kyengera allegedly run by the Internal Security Organization (ISO).  It is alleged that   Birungi was arrested by ISO operatives as he left CID Headquarters to respond to bond conditions after an earlier arrest by police over murder allegations.

Like any other Ugandan, Birungi is not above the law, however that does not give ISO, and other security organs a blank cheque to flagrantly violet his basic human rights by especially denying him access to his family and counsel.{googleads right}

If there is any case labelled against Birungi, it’s only proper to align him in the court of law to read him the charges, lest we assume Uganda is back to the dark ages of detention without trial.

Birungi’s family on June 11, 2018 through lawyers from Nyanzi, Kiboneka and Mbabazi advocates petitioned the High Court civil division court seeking for orders of a habeas corpus against the ISO Director General, Inspector General of Police, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and the Attorney General to have Birungi produced in court dead or alive.

His wife Sheila Kyokusiima, told court that  Birungi, a an investor whose company ‘Movit’ employs more than 2300 Ugandans,  had been detained in a safe house in Kyengera, Wakiso district and that he had been denied his personal liberty contrary to article 23 of the Constitution.{googleads right}

“In absence of the Attorney General of Director General of ISO to explain the detention beyond 48 hours, and in a place not authorized by this court, in exercise of its discretion orders that the person restrained be released from the illegal detention in accordance with rule 6 of the judicature rules, “Justice Ssekaana ordered.
In his ruling on Tuesday, Justice Ssekaana noted that Birungi is detained at Kyengera, a place which is not known to be a gazette place authorized by law under article 23(2) of the constitution for such a purpose before ordering for his immediate release.

“The law gives powers to this court in exercise of its discretion to make an order that the person restrained be released from the illegal detention in accordance with rule 6 of the judicature (Habeas Corpus) Rules,” Justice Ssekaana ruled.

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1. Real name Betty Nassali.

2.  She did her internship at NBS youth voice and still ended up with no job after trying to compete with the TV presenters on the show. She then ended up sitting in for Robin Kisti for a month on Login show and wanted a permanent job on the show but still didn't get the opportunity because she was allegedly not good enough.

3. She dated TV veteran personality J. Kazoora who has a production company that was shooting "BE MY DATE"  show on NTV; the show was an outside production and Bettinah had to date Kazoora in order for her to be a presenter on the show after Anita Fabiola.

4. Bettinah has always fancied the life of the rich since she doesn’t come from a well off family but pretends to be a rich kid in town. As she lies about having rich parents, her mother co-rents a hardware store in  Nakasero, near Nakasero Market. She hails from Busunju Wakiso district. She loves to live lavish and as she was growing up she has always admired girls like Nadia Mbiire, Sheilah Gashumba, TkBerries ( KT promotions’ daughter) etc

5. Bettinah spends her time sitting in hotels to find rich men and when she meets them, the first thing she talks about is traveling to other countries. She also meets men through Instagram who finance her trips that she posts on instagram and Snapchat. This business is popularly knows as being an ‘escort’! {googleads right}

6. Two years ago, a man exposed Bettinah for allegedly sending him nude photos and asking him to deposit money on her account if he wanted more nude photos from her.

7. This year Bettinah posted on her social media accounts about how she was graduating from Cavendish University which was a lie. Cavendish University paid her to advertise the university and she came up with an idea of pretending to have graduated from there after several retakes at MUBS.

8. Bettinah has fake Instagram followers. She pays a few dollars to an add that gives her ghost followers making it look like she is one of the most followed people on Instagram.

9. Bettinah can’t post a photo of herself that isn’t photoshopped or edited by a professional camera man. Betinah is very insecure with her body, she feels her arms are too big, tummy is big, big legs and even when you see her posting photos trying to pretend that she loves her dark skin tone, she is always overheard complaining how her skin is not evenly toned and pale. Those who know Betinah know that she doesn’t allow to take photos of her or post photos of her without her permission because they must be edited first{googleads right}

10. Last but not least, Bettinah grew up eating a ROLEX. She has probably had 100 of them and more!

That's Bettinah for you!

The Inspector General of Police Martin Ochola has disbanded the deadly CID investigative unit commonly known as Flying Squad. ACP Herbert Muhangi who has been heading the group has been transferred to head man

The court martial seating in Makindye Division, Kampala chaired by Lt. Col. Andrew Guti on Monday adjured the ruling on the Bail application for embattled Lubaga Division NRM Chairperson and Boda Boda 2010 Association

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