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The Council for Banyarwanda, an umbrella association for their community in Uganda has accused some Ugandans in the diaspora of sowing discrimination and hatred against them.
"No one chooses their tribe. You're born and belong to a certain tribe. It's not your choice. Personally, I was born in Uganda in Villa, Masaka. I am a Ugandan," Frank Gashumba the community's chair said in a press conference on Wednesday in Kampala.

The community sitting at Speke hotel said tribal discrimination would cause violence, division and disunity in the country.
"We need to come together as Ugandans and unify as one nation and desist from violence and acts of discrimination that will lead to instability" Gashumba said.
Franked by the executive committee, including Enock Nkuranga and Paul Ntale, Gashumba called upon the government to address recent events that they believe have led their fellow Uganda citizens turning against the Banyarwanda, instigating violence against them.

Other community members called upon national entities like the police and the NIRA to desist from asking for tribes while taking records of citizens.


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Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki the UPDF’s deputy spokes person and Brig. C.K Asiimwe the deputy Director Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) are being dragged to the courts of law by city businessman, Frank Gashumba.

In a letter from Mr. Gashumber’s lawyers Kagazi & Co. Advocates together with M/s Denis Nyombi & Co. Advocates addressed to the attorney General and the above-mentioned officers, he alleges that his 2017 arrest was illegal and a gross violation of his rights.

Gashumba, in press statement he issued, narrates that on Monday 30th, 2017 he was arrested and detained at the CMI headquarters in Mbuya and Kireka where he had gone to check on his brother innocent Kasumba.
He further states that Kasumba had earlier in bene abducted from his home in Buziga on Saturday October 28th, 2017 and detained at the CMI headquarters. Upon receiving news of his brother’s arrest, Gashumba made a follow-up to find out what had happened to him.

It’s upon his arrival at the CMI headquarters that he was also arrested and detained on accusations that he had committed several crimes that were never disclosed to him.
On top of these  false accusations against Gashumba, he and his brother were kept incommunicado in illegal detentionand were only presented in court after  48 hours.

Uganda’s law states that any suspect must be produced in court within 48hrs after arrest.
Gashumba continues to narrate that while in detention, he faced several other violations like an illegal searching of his home in Gaba and his offices in industrial area and later taking photos while in handcuffs; images that were later on released to the media where they were published.

In doing all this, Gashumba pins Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki and Brig. C.K Asiimwe stating that they took a lead in commanding the violation of his rights.

Uganda’s law now permits that in such circumstances, an officer that violates one’s rights can be sued as an individual by criminal or civil charges being preferred against him.
Lawyers say that on November 1, 2017 the mentioned officers deliberately violated Gashumba’s rights by parading him before the press together with his brother barefooted and in handcuffs.
This press briefing was broadcast live on major TV stations which was a public shaming exercise and has caused him several business losses like where he mentions that last year, he missed a deal worth $350,000 when his clients revisited pictures and videos that were published.
The false allegations culminated into a criminal court case No. 925/2017 which was dismissed on November 7, 2019 at Buganda road Chief Magistrates court, which indicates it was intended malicious charges.
On the discharge order, issued by her Worship Stella Maris Amabilis Odong it is indicated that Gashumba was   charged with 21 counts including; uttering false documents, illegal possession of necotic drugs, false declaration, giving false information and disobedience of statutory duties.

This left Gashumba wondering that on the day the army made an illegal search at his home and offices, they purportedly recovered forged passports and narcotic substances.

He explains that operatives tormented members of his home as they took positions to start the illegal search at his home, searching every room and taking photos of whoever was found in his home.
Gashumba is seeking justice and clearing his image since he was judged, sentenced and convicted in the media which gave the public and impression that him and his brother were convicted criminals.
This is the basis for Gashumba to ask for a compensation of 10 billion shillings for his tainted name for no factual reason but only to certify the officers who misused their offices to violet his rights.
For the entire period this matter was before court, no single witness was produced, or evidence adduced before court by the prosecution on the false recoveries at his home and office.

Mali group of companies Chairman, Frank Gashumba has threatened to sue government over his cooked up 2017 arrest by the UPDF.

HE says the arrest didn't only trample on his fundamental rights but was also an abuse of office by officials of the UPDF and degrading to his integrity.

"I have drawn the attention of the abovementioned matter to the Attorney General of Uganda, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki and Brigadier C.K. Asiimwe who hold the positions of Deputy Spokesperson of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Deputy Director of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), respectively," Gashumba said in his plaint.

He says;

On Monday, October 30, 2017, I learnt that my brother, Innocent Kasumba, had been abducted from his residence in Buziga and was in detention at the CMI Headquarters. I made my way there to establish the reasons for my brother’s predicament, only to be arrested and detained on the apparent orders of the aforesaid Brig. Asiimwe.

The following morning, I was transported to my home in Ggaba by over ten heavily armed and menacing operatives in a manner that is reserved for hardened criminals and terrorists of international infamy.

In combat style, the operatives took positions around my home. Without warrants, they entered and ransacked every room as they searched high and low for undisclosed items. Several photographs, including those of some members of my household were taken, ostensibly for “evidence gathering.”

The same horror was visited on my office in Industrial Area that same morning where upon arrival, the entire floor that houses my working space was cordoned off, preventing others from accessing or leaving their suites on the floors above and below. Box files, computer drives and documents were rummaged and sequestered, upon departure. Curiously, a photojournalist from Vision Group appeared and enthusiastically took pictures of the surreal scene.

Throughout this ordeal, I was bound by handcuffs which were not removed even when I sought to ease myself.

I spent the night in detention at the CMI cells in Kireka. No access had been granted thus far to my lawyer or any of my family members.

The following day, at 1.00PM or thereabouts, my brother and I were handcuffed and spirited by a double cabin truck to the UPDF General Headquarters in Mbuya. Shortly before arrival, the accompanying operatives ordered us to take off the bathroom sandals we were wearing and disembark the vehicle, barefooted.

We were led to a room where a forest of microphones and an array of flashing cameras were waiting, as journalists and reporters accosted us with questions and all manner of commentary.

The aforesaid Lt. Col. Akiiki addressed the live press conference and showcased an assortment of items purportedly recovered during the warrantless searches of my house and office the day before—among them passports, stamps and marijuana—none of which I had ever seen. We were under unequivocal instruction not to utter a single word to the press corps or anyone else for that matter.

Having been charged, tried, convicted and sentenced in the media without so much as a hearing, we were whisked back to the detention facility in Kireka.

Five days later, on Friday morning, in a spectacular reversal of the rules of criminal procedure, due process and natural justice, my brother and I were taken to the Central Police Station (CPS), and after two or so hours, arraigned at Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Court.

An astonishing twenty-eight (28) counts were proffered against me and bail was thereafter granted. To say that I was dumbstruck by these prejudicial actions is an understatement. Amongst the bail terms was a fortnightly appearance which I have honoured no less than twenty-two (22) times.

For all the theatrics that the authorities engaged in during my arrest and detention, including the alleged recoveries of items at my residence and office, no single witness or material evidence has ever been presented or adduced by the prosecution.

Inevitably, the case was dismissed on November 7, 2019.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is more than apparent to me and any observer that the events narrated above were orchestrated to embarrass, demean, and demonise me in the court of public opinion. Consequently, not only have I suffered mental anguish and derision but have also lost out on numerous commercial undertakings and incurred financial loss.

Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki and Brig. C.K. Asiimwe assumed the roles of judge, jury and executioner and visited these terrible injuries to my livelihood and societal standing. The duo conspired and abused their esteemed positions in our country’s military institutions to torment me without any basis in law or fact, contrary to the constitutional and statutory mandate of these public bodies.

For these reasons, and as further elucidated in the court documents accompanying this statement, I will be seeking a range  legal remedies to address this self-evident case of malicious prosecution and abuse of power.

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A concerned Kabaka Mutebi on Tuesday met with all his former Kattikiros in his palace at Mengo, a meeting where Katikkiro Mayiga was also in attendance.

Sources that were in the meeting informed us that the Kabaka quizzed Mayiga on the rampant alleged allegations of corruption and general lack of transparency in Mayiga's administration as well as claims of dictatorship.

"The Kabaka was specifically upset when he examined documents and discovered that the actual cost of reconstruction of the Kasubi tombs was supposed to be Shs.3.5bn yet at the current budget of over Shs.10bn already used by the Mayiga administration, the tombs are still incomplete",one source said.

Mayiga had already got wind of the discussions in the palace before hand, and had reportedly paid up to 20 youths who came with placards at the entrance of Bulange.
This was in a bid to show that he still has support among the people of Buganda. This also annoyed the Kabaka who told off Mayiga, stating that it was not proper for individuals to abuse their offices and later blame their critics as enemies of the Kingdom.

In the Kasubi tombs documents, Kabaka learnt that during JB Walusimbi tenure he presented a 3.5bn budget . On this UNESCO  contributed shs. 2.5bn and the Ugandan government also contributed an additional Shs3.5bn.
This was in addition to the Shs11bn that was raised from the  Ettofaali fundraising drive.

The Kabaka was also not happy to learn that the incumbent PM has on several occasions received advice from his seniors but instead thrown it into the garbage. It’s reported that he had further more used the people in his social circles to attack and blemish the former Katikkiros.

It should be noted that just last month, Mr. JB Walusimbi and Muliika told NBS TV that they were worried about the direction of the kingdom as Mayiga was heading it to crush.

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Many people were surprised when Kattikiro Charles Peter Mayiga announced  on Urban TV that he cannot endorse Bobi Wine.

Mayiga covered himself under the guise that if he did support Bobi, it would lead to divisions in Buganda.

 “I am not going to endorse NRM, FDC, People Power, or any other party. If for example I endorse People Power and Honorable Kyagulanyi, how do I deal with other people?” Mayiga asks.

He said that "My job is to bring everyone together. Let a politician who wants our support say that they support Buganda’s aspirations. Let Kyagulanyi, the People Power leader stand up and say ‘I support the five aspirations.”

This is the highest level of Mayiga's hypocrisy and desception.

Last year, Mayiga went to Lungujja to launch a building for his friend called Nassolo and he backed this lady for Member of Parliament for Lubaga South

"When we get innovative young women like Nassolo to take up leadership, we will have a developed nation"Mayiga said.

And earlier this year when minister of Information, Judith Nabakooba had just been appointed to that position Mayiga said of her "good people like you to take up responsibility means alot for the people you represent."

Now, for Mayiga to say that he could not endorse Bobi Wine, was the lowest of his lies he has peddled to Baganda o er his right years in office.

It is a very well known fact that Mayiga is working with the NRM to stiffle progressive Baganda politicians.

For Bobi Wine, Mayiga has not only attempted political killing but also financial.

Many of you may not know that Mayiga with the Buganda Land he oversees, grabbed land from Bobi Wine at Busabaala. Because Mayiga doesn't care about fellow Baganda, he gave Bobi's land to Minister Rukutana and a hotel is being built now.

This is in addition to Bobi's land grabbed at Mulago. All these are facts and you may check with Buganda Land Board.

In 2009, Bobi Wine entered a lease agreement between His Royal Highness Fredrick Edward Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and Robert Kyagulanyi where Bobi paid Shs. 150 million for four acres of Land at Mulago in July 2009. Mr. Kaaya Kavuma and John Kitenda signed on behalf of Kabaka as his attorneys.

Bobi started payments with shs. 120 million and he was receipted on 2878. He made another payment against receipt No. 2898 with 10 million.

According to Daily Monitor, Bobi Wine went to a bank and received a loan. He used part of this loan to pay Shs. 400m to the squatters and an acre of land was cleared.

But in 2017, the fraudsters at BLB ( these report to Mayiga and receive directives from him) having waited Bobi to clear the land, they evicted him citing Kabaka wanted to use that land for some other purpose.

Mr. David Nsereko on June 15, 2010 wrote a letter to Bobi ndicating that Kabaka Mutebi had changed his mind and would not go ahead with the lease agreement.

Mayiga is tasked with the responsibility to cripple Bobi financially and politically like he is doing to the rest of potential politicians from Buganda.

He ensured that he reduced or entirely expelled the voices that were critical of government bad policies.

It's is very rare today to find voices of people such as Frank Gashumba, Betty Nambooze, Ssumujju Nganda and others air out their pro Buganda o er CBS.

In 2016 elections, Buganda ramained a domant political actor yet it was known it's vast influence.

After the election that year, Mayiga criticised Col Kiiza Besigye for rejecting the results that he had won. Mayiga called on Besigye to accept deafeat.

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I have seen a number of people advancing  low grade arguments to demean Banyarwanda as not being friends of Buganda Kingdom.

This comes after a deserving rebuttal of Ssisimuka CEO Frank Gashumba to Buganda Kattikiro Charles Peter Mayiga that Mr. Gashumba was not fit to commment on Buganda issues because at one time, he was detained at CMI.

But Mayiga himself was detained in 2007 on charges of terrorism and promoting sectarianism, but all were dropped. Does that make him a criminal?

Although Gashumba may have used a highly stinging language, he presented critical issues that need to be examined. These include Mayiga overseeing the sale of land belonging to school and health centres, lack of accountability that has led to failure to complete the Kasubi tombs although billions of shillings have bee fundraised.

To a proper mind and for the record, Banyarwanda are deep inside the kingdom of Buganda.

The mother of Kabaka Mutebi eldest son, Pence Crispin Jjunju is a Munyarwanda.

And that's not the only example. The wife of Kabaka Mutebi's brother, David Wasajja, Ms. Nankya is a Munyarwanda borne to the late DP secretary general Mathias Nsubuga.

The wives of two top Buganda Princes, Kalifan Kakungulu and Kakungulu Nakibinge are both Banyarwanda.

Mayiga is very sectarian and in a conversation with one of his aides, Denis Jjuuko, he said that whenever Mayiga is referring g to Banyankole and Banyarwanda, he uses the word Pantagonia even despite the fact that his daughter married a Munyankore.

"Therefore, the more Buganda use low thinking and reasoning tribalistic defenders with no aorta of idea that the Kabaka himself married two non Baganda and one of them a Munyarwanda the more they lose the battle," Lawbert Ssenfhja a lawyer said.

He said that people like Abbey Musinguzi of Abitex, can condemn and promote tribalism but  that will annoy the Kabaka.

It is reported that already the uncle's of Prince Jjunju Umar Percyphychy Nyanzi and, Andrew Mumpenje Prince Aundrey are already angered.

The 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda lists 65 tribes under the 3rd schedule in line with article 10 (a) and Banyarwanda are considered one of the indigenous tribes as from 1st February 1926 just as Baganda, Banyankore among others.


PIECE of land where Mengo evicted Bobi wine in 2017 has been given away to former Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana.

As you read this, Rukutana is constructing a hotel on the said controversial land which Mengo denied a fellow muganda (Kyagulanyi) a chance to develop it and instead sold it to Mwesigwa RUKUTANA!

A highly placed source in Mengo, confirmed that this land was given to Rukutana on lease and construction of his hotel building is underway.

Rukutana is a lawyer who appeared before the land probe headed by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire in February 2019 and directed the judge to go and report him to God or if she wishes can go and hang!

In the last cabinet reshuffle, Rukutana the proprietor of Millennium Hotel located at Zana along Entebe road was transferred from attorney general chambers to Minister of State for Labour. Ccurrently he is Rushenyi County Member of Parliament.

On Friday April 8, 2017, Nkuluze (The Royal Treasury), an organ of Buganda Kingdom took possession of the controversial land at Kaazi-Busabala next to One Love Beach which owner of the beach Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu claimed.

That very day, a grader guarded by policemen demolished a parking facility and a road leading to Bobi Wine’s famous One Love Beach in Busabaala, Wakiso District. This was done on Mengo (Nkuluze) orders as Bobi Wine looked on.

In Bobi Wine’s explanation he claimed to have bought the 0.5acre piece of land and was processing a lease from Mengo. Bobi explained that he had deposited Uganda Shillings 20,000,000 with Nkuluze.

Later on, Mengo consented receipt of the same amount, in a statement released by the Institution’s Spokesperson Noa Kiyimba they explained that upon receiving the 20M, Bobi Wine owed the same office UGX18m (Eighteen Million Uganda Shillings Only) as part of the sub-lease for the 6.25 acres of his One Love Beach.

Part of the 20M was diverted it to settle the arrears and Bobi Wine was informed that the balance of UGX2m (Two Million Uganda Shillings Only) on the UGX20m he had deposited would be used as part payment of ground rent.
Bobi Wine who claims to be loyal to Mengo and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi refused to explain much.

Efforts to contact Rukutana for a comment were futile as we couldn’t reach him on his known cell phone.

By Joseph Kiyimba.


As we commemorate the World Press Fredoom day.

To my Ugandan Facebook family, let us ashame the devil that is the under appreciation of talent in the media and entertainment industry in Uganda. Today, May 3rd is World Press Freedom day so let us write, tell and speak the truth. I have seen and read a huge backlash on this young lady Sheila Gashumba. I know most of these comment are not coming to her over the subject matter but rather on her perceived personality.

For those who will read this and don't know me well, let me make things clear. I did journalism at Makerere University. At the time I was already working as a DJ right from my A level vacation. I had been employed by DanKidega. II went on to start a newspaper for a General I will not mention in 2006 and in late 2007 started work with Andrew M. Mwenda at the independent by the time we took root in 2008 we were big. In 2010 I joined the Daily Monitor and started the Special Projects investigationa desk under the guidance of Bagyenzire Atuhaire Alex and leadership of Jack Daniel Kalinaki. I later worked for @chapter4uganda under Nicholas Opiyo and went on to revive the CEO Magazine with St. Muhereza Kyamutetera and Arinaitwe Otim Rugyendo If it were not for these people, I would not have survived because the media and entertainment industry in Uganda is not serious.

I am writing from a point of authority and not hear say.

Rarely do I agree with many of the things she has done lately, she has and still is an amazing media personality unlike many others. But like many of you, she had her reasons. This doesn't mean she is not credible.

Sheila is right and many media and music persons here will agree that they are not paid well. Let us be realistic. When you have a brand name as some sections of this industry choose to call it, it must come with a given level of appreciation so that this brand can grow faster and further. In my field of journalism, I know very senior and seasoned journalists who are paid UGX 35,000 for a 1000 word story, UGX 10,000 for a picture which a media house later owns and goes on to win awards.

Invite journalists from a press conference and see if you will gate coverage without giving transport refunds. Invite media house for workshops and you will see house journalists will fight for food and alcohol. It is not because they want to but what else can they do. They are suffering. I never fought that way but I suffered in other bitter ways.

A good case in point. Let us ask that journalist who took that picture of women sleeping in the market during lockdown, the one president Museveni has been Praising, let's ask him how much he earned from that picture or any other picture. Let as ask our cartoonists how much they earn for those lovely sketches that keep us laughing for years.

Ugandan media house don't appreciate their employees. Editors survive on allowances and bribes because their salaries don't make ends meet. Senior journalists are taking bribes no wonder many moved to PR. Talk show hosts turn into MCs in their free time because they cannot survive on their monthly pay. You will always hear people say you can't survive on one pay, you should do something extra. We'll true, but as one of them I know that journalists and artistes are the most honest people on this planet until life corrupt them and they are not strong enough to stand up.

You will never read a comment from me accusing a journalist of being corrupt. We know each other, we know who is dirty and who is struggling with loans and who is running away from money lenders etc. I remember two senior editor who would be in hiding all the time from loan sharks, who would not even have food at home yet they have to produce the paper. I know talk show hosts who after hosting a person would walk them to the parking lot asking for the 50,000 Sheila Gashumba is talking about. I know editors who have lived on Blackmail yet when they started they started with a passion to inform, entertain and educate.

And now, this COVID-19 Pandemic has given a huge opportunity for some tainted deranged and hungry journalists to milk from government coffers, money that could aliviate the suffering of the impoverished.

I blame governments.

Governments dont want educators, entertainers and informers to be settled. Governments never want those with the ability to influence the flow of information of any kind to be settled.

I blame media houses.

Media owners want more profits than the welfare of those who build those media houses and their brands.

But the biggest blame, I give to us. Because unlike Sheila Gashumba, we keep silent. We forget that they need us more than we need them. Wake up.

By: John Njoroge

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