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Written by  May 29, 2020

Many people were surprised when Kattikiro Charles Peter Mayiga announced  on Urban TV that he cannot endorse Bobi Wine.

Mayiga covered himself under the guise that if he did support Bobi, it would lead to divisions in Buganda.

 “I am not going to endorse NRM, FDC, People Power, or any other party. If for example I endorse People Power and Honorable Kyagulanyi, how do I deal with other people?” Mayiga asks.

He said that "My job is to bring everyone together. Let a politician who wants our support say that they support Buganda’s aspirations. Let Kyagulanyi, the People Power leader stand up and say ‘I support the five aspirations.”

This is the highest level of Mayiga's hypocrisy and desception.

Last year, Mayiga went to Lungujja to launch a building for his friend called Nassolo and he backed this lady for Member of Parliament for Lubaga South

"When we get innovative young women like Nassolo to take up leadership, we will have a developed nation"Mayiga said.

And earlier this year when minister of Information, Judith Nabakooba had just been appointed to that position Mayiga said of her "good people like you to take up responsibility means alot for the people you represent."

Now, for Mayiga to say that he could not endorse Bobi Wine, was the lowest of his lies he has peddled to Baganda o er his right years in office.

It is a very well known fact that Mayiga is working with the NRM to stiffle progressive Baganda politicians.

For Bobi Wine, Mayiga has not only attempted political killing but also financial.

Many of you may not know that Mayiga with the Buganda Land he oversees, grabbed land from Bobi Wine at Busabaala. Because Mayiga doesn't care about fellow Baganda, he gave Bobi's land to Minister Rukutana and a hotel is being built now.

This is in addition to Bobi's land grabbed at Mulago. All these are facts and you may check with Buganda Land Board.

In 2009, Bobi Wine entered a lease agreement between His Royal Highness Fredrick Edward Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and Robert Kyagulanyi where Bobi paid Shs. 150 million for four acres of Land at Mulago in July 2009. Mr. Kaaya Kavuma and John Kitenda signed on behalf of Kabaka as his attorneys.

Bobi started payments with shs. 120 million and he was receipted on 2878. He made another payment against receipt No. 2898 with 10 million.

According to Daily Monitor, Bobi Wine went to a bank and received a loan. He used part of this loan to pay Shs. 400m to the squatters and an acre of land was cleared.

But in 2017, the fraudsters at BLB ( these report to Mayiga and receive directives from him) having waited Bobi to clear the land, they evicted him citing Kabaka wanted to use that land for some other purpose.

Mr. David Nsereko on June 15, 2010 wrote a letter to Bobi ndicating that Kabaka Mutebi had changed his mind and would not go ahead with the lease agreement.

Mayiga is tasked with the responsibility to cripple Bobi financially and politically like he is doing to the rest of potential politicians from Buganda.

He ensured that he reduced or entirely expelled the voices that were critical of government bad policies.

It's is very rare today to find voices of people such as Frank Gashumba, Betty Nambooze, Ssumujju Nganda and others air out their pro Buganda o er CBS.

In 2016 elections, Buganda ramained a domant political actor yet it was known it's vast influence.

After the election that year, Mayiga criticised Col Kiiza Besigye for rejecting the results that he had won. Mayiga called on Besigye to accept deafeat.

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