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Written by  Nov 26, 2020

The Council for Banyarwanda, an umbrella association for their community in Uganda has accused some Ugandans in the diaspora of sowing discrimination and hatred against them.
"No one chooses their tribe. You're born and belong to a certain tribe. It's not your choice. Personally, I was born in Uganda in Villa, Masaka. I am a Ugandan," Frank Gashumba the community's chair said in a press conference on Wednesday in Kampala.

The community sitting at Speke hotel said tribal discrimination would cause violence, division and disunity in the country.
"We need to come together as Ugandans and unify as one nation and desist from violence and acts of discrimination that will lead to instability" Gashumba said.
Franked by the executive committee, including Enock Nkuranga and Paul Ntale, Gashumba called upon the government to address recent events that they believe have led their fellow Uganda citizens turning against the Banyarwanda, instigating violence against them.

Other community members called upon national entities like the police and the NIRA to desist from asking for tribes while taking records of citizens.


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