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Written by  Dec 06, 2020

It saddens any normal human being to look at an old man with grandchildren like Mayiga dancing on someone’s grave!

 The death of sheikh Nuhu Muzaata left many questions unanswered. Both technical and morally.

At the technical side medics can help to answer as many people were wondering as to why there was no immediate release of the postmortem report.

However, let me concentrate on the moral side as I was left wondering why Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga never attended Muzaata’s burial whether in Kibuli for the funeral prayers or at the burial ground in Kigoogwa Wakiso district.

 He instead sent the minister to represent him and deliver the Kingdom’s condolences yet Mayiga has on many occasions attended less important (ebyekisiru) functions that can be equated to Embaga y’embaata the drama show that used to take place at Batt Valley.

This man on the same day Muzaata was buried, he is seen launching his building building and Supermarket located at the New Taxi park in the Central Business District, which he constructed using Ettoffaali money.

 Really Mayiga you have to think twice and behave like a leader.

We know it very well that sometime back you had misunderstandings with Muzaata since he opposed your projects you used to exploit people more so the poor Ugandans.

Muzaata came out clearly to oppse ETTOFFAALI and later KYAPAMUNGALO.

 Fortunately Kabaka realised it was a gross mistake to leave you rob Ugandans in bload day kight and stopped Ettoffaali.

Mayiga used it to collect money deceiving that was for Buganda projects yet he had self-centered interests.
Basing on his personal motives that surrounded collecting this money, our realiable sources can reveal that Mayiga has used part of this money to construct arcades in the city center like the one he launched and open up business that benefits his family directly.

In doing all this, he deceives the Baganda that he was launching Kiyimba Freeman’s business.
Though Kiyinba was a member of Ettoffaali committee and the majority shareholder of BBS TV, this time round the supermarket launched is owned by Mayiga.

Shame on you Mayiga for dodging Muzaaata’s burial and you opt to launch your businesses.

The world knows it very well that you reconciled with Muzaata when you met in Bukomansimbi at the late Muft Ahamed Mukasa’s burial in Bukomansimbi.
World over, Ugandans in different corners mourned Muzaata a clear expression that it was a great loss.

If you reconciled and you really meant that, why do you show the public that it’s settled and you keep it at heart!

Muzaata was both  an extraordinary Sheikh and Muganda , if could find time to go for the commoner’s weddings why not sparing sometime to attend Muzaata burial.

Even a smallest village in Uganda mourned Muzaata, all Ugandans from all religious denominations mourned the most powerful cleric in Uganda.

We know you are a hypocrite but as a leader it’s better you cover up on some misunderstandings and you do what is right at the time.
December 4th was Muzaata to breath his last and we don’t know who is next, angle Arimauti can also come for you anytime, do you expect others to behave in the same way you did.
The two of you had misunderstandings but resolved, when you met at the late muft Ahamad Mukasa in Bukomansinbi you shook hands and reconcile.

Mayiga ozze weetaba mu bingi eby’kisiru naye lwaki tewaziise Muzaata.
Instead of attending Muzaata Burial he appeared on his supermarket launch.


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