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Written by  Aug 07, 2017

Mpanga and Makubuya are the principal legal advisors to both Buganda and Kabaka but this is why you should expect them not to defend him against the land amendment bill which possesses a great risk to prime properties in Buganda.

 Among the properties targeted by this law Lubiri land, where government wants to build an airport and land currently occupied by the Mengo court.

Mpanga, Buganda Kingdom’s AG is the latest official to use the Mengo platform to either join or get lucrative deals from Museveni’s regime.

We revealed to you how both Mpanga and Apollo Makubuya, both ministers at Mengo had been grilled for six hours by Kabaka over neglect of duties.

Mpanga, lured by Makubuya into Museveni’s fold as you have seen in the media got entangled into lucrative deals from the central government including representing Bank of Uganda, which consumed all his time to the point he had to dump both the Kabaka and Besigye.

One of those deals was worth UGX20b to be in charge of the process of advising BOU to take over Crane Bank. The other deal was to sue Sudhir and Meera Investments worth UGX13b. He was also promised more of the same.

All these billions are channeled to either A.F Mpanga (Bowmans), Mpanga’s law firm or MMAKS Advocates, Makubuya and Masembe’s law firm.

This is why you cannot expect these two principal legal adviser to Kabaka and Buganda to utter even a single comment about both the land and age-limit amendments.

The Kabaka demanded answers why these two senior lawyers had instead delegated amateurs whom Mabirizi was trouncing in every round.

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