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Written by  Aug 14, 2017

By Ben Magezi

The Deputy Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma will next month retire after clocking 70yrs which will automatically make him illegible to occupy a judicial office according to the law.

However, the law gives him a space of three months to clear his desk and this will probably keep him in office until the end of the year.
Many people in legal fraternity view Kavuma as a 'devil Judge' whom they accuse of appeasing the appointing authority (President) and forgetting the core values and ethics of a Senior judicial officer!
At one time the speaker of Parliament termed one of the Court Orders he had issued as a 'stupid court order' and he has been known to 'dance to the tunes' of the Executive and act in a manner many viewed as appeasing the appointing authority. At one time during a political talk show on a local TV, the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago repeatedly refused to refer to Justice Kavuma as Justice and preferred to call him Mr Kavuma despite several reminders from the moderator; "I am sorry but I can't call Mr Kavuma a Justice, I will have abused the legal fraternity of this country," said Lukwago.
There are eight nominees from one of whom shall be selected to succeed Justice Kavuma. The eight include the Inspector General of Government Irene Lady Justice Mulyagonja, Lady Justice Esther Kisaakye, Lady Justice Hellen Obura, Lady Justice Solome Bossa, Lady Justice Stella Arach, Lady Justice Lillian Tibatemwa, Justice Owiny Dollo and Justice Frederick Egonda Ntende.

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