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Written by  Sep 19, 2017

The former anti – Museveni turned supporter has called all Opposition politicians and activists opposed to the lifting of the age – limit for the president ‘short – sighted fools.’

This idiot has in essence abused even those that ensured Article 102 (b) including the late Noble Mayombo and the person who pays him now Museveni.

Why should Ugandans waste their time on people who every year go through 360 degrees of ideology leanings?

Andrew is one of those people who have been severed compromised after receiving huge bribes and incentives from this regime in the last ten (10) years by this government.

One of his sisters, the Kabarole Woman MP Margaret Muhanga was all over the news for buying UBC land worth UGX10b by selling goats! She was also seen acting as MC during the dubious NRM meeting which resolved to table the age-limit amendments by way of a private members bill.

His brother Brigadier Muhanga Kayanja previously accused of illegally selling guns to gangs and the thieves that tormented Kampala prior to Operation Webley is now the Commander of the UPDF Contingent in Somalia instead of prison.

Margaret Muhanga’s husband, a one Mugisha is the Executive Director of National Forestry Authority (NFA).

Another of his sister is married to a businessman who regularly dupes government of billions of shillings with the help of the Mwendas.

These hyenas aren’t with Museveni because they love him but they are eating from his regime.

Surely, what would you expect such a person to say?

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