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Written by  Feb 11, 2018

Ruwenzori diocese (COU) Bishop Rt. Rev.Reuben Kisembo has asked President Museveni to hand over power peacefuly. Speaking during the commissioning of the new Kyebambe girls secondary school chapel in Fort Portal town

on Saturday, Bishop Kisembo appealed to president Museveni to hand over power in a peaceful way for the peace of the country. “After the amendment of the constitution on age limit m, you should not deny us peaceful transition of power”{googleads right}

Bishop Kisembo told Museveni in his speech. In response, quoting the Bible book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Mr. Museveni said, “There is time for everything. To everything, there is a season and a purpose”. Mr. Museveni added “I keep hearing religious people; they provoke us and me in particular because I am somebody who knows what am doing”. He said nobody can lecture him about what to do for Uganda. “You should have a disciplined way of interacting. This causal talk should stop. It is indiscipline of the highest order.{googleads right}

I won’t accept to be guided on issues which I know better” he added. In the heat of the Age limit debate around the country, both Anglican and Catholic Bishops in Fort Portal, Kisembo and Robert Muhiirwa Akiiki advised the president separately to respect the oaths he made to uphold and defend the constitution a thing that caused rounds of heckling from different government officials asking the religious leaders to refrain from making political statements reasoning that it was not their role and arena Museveni later handed over Shs 300 million cheque to the headmistress Kyebambe girls SS Ms Night Karungi Mpairwe for the equipment of the school chapel.

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