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Written by  Mar 28, 2018

While the two Presidents yesterday were talking peace at state House some security operatives keen to elongate the Rwanda, and Uganda tensions were cooking a plan. A few hours after the Presidential meeting

yesterday, at around 9:00pm, CMI operatives pounced upon and arrested another RWANDAN, yet again, over suspicion of espionage. The family has mounted a search but CMI are still holding unto the father of two, a boda boda who was arrested by CMI from a bus terminal where he works. According to the wife the detainee, Nyirahabimana Beatrice, her husband: Iyakaremye Claude, was arrested last evening at Volcano Bus Terminal in Old Kampala where he was operating a boda boda.

That he was arrested by 4 armed personnel two in UPDF uniform and taken to a waiting Van Toyota Noah UAJ 921G grey in colour. The wife of Iyakaremye Claude went to old Kampala police station this morning to report the incident but was advised to check with CMI.{googleads right}

The police told her that last evening, CMI officers from Mbuya had informed old Kampala police station that they will be conducting an operation at Volcano Bus terminal. Based on this information, the police told the wife of claude to go to Mbuya (CMI) not waste time checking at police stations. Mbuya is so far keen on keeping the gentleman. The detainee's lawyer, Kiiza Eron, opines that it is illegal to detain people in Mbuya since it is not a gazetted detention facility, and there is no reason for preventing the family from accessing their detained when the Uganda Constitution guarantees such right.{googleads right}

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