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Written by  Apr 16, 2018

JOURNALISTS covering Buganda functions have resolved to boycott functions presided over by the Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

This follows an act of Journalists walking away  on him at Bulange Mengo when he invited them for a photo opportunity after a briefing and they refused. It happened after Journalists tasking him to explain acts of his guards who manhandled them while covering the Kabaka birthday run at Lubiri Mengo on the 8th of April. This happened after them being harassed on several occasions and when asked for explanation, Mengo kept a deaf ear.

In a secret meeting held by the affected Journalists from different media houses,
they resolved to boycott Mayiga's functions and concentrate only on functions where Kabaka Mutebi is the guest.

To turn the eye around the world,  Michelle Obama told the world that money and power reveals who we are.

 Before Mayiga was appointed Katikkiro of Buganda, he used to do  programs on cbs FM and criticize people who misuse power by moving with huge convoy. Few days after his appointment he started behaving the same way!

The first Katikkiro to be guarded by a section of the army. This war lord has made impossibilities possible and the weirdest normal.

Think of the president of Uganda who is granted a right of way by the constitution. The traffic act permits the president and the imergency car like an ambulance to have a right of way.

Mayiga with his boastfully display he also enjoys the president's prevailages. Mayiga resides in Lweza along Entebe road in Wakiso district. People using the same road can testify. Mr. Mayiga uses army convoy to clear the way.

On some parts of the road where it's a one way drive, you find his guards forcing other road users to park on side and clear the road for the warlord.

You can compare this to the late Obote's convoy who used to move with bottles in their car and whoever tried to resist clearing the way would be heat with bottles!

Former Katikkiro JB Walusimbi served under tense and the most challenging times. That was the time for Bugerere riots, the burnt of Kasubi tombs, distant Royals attacking Mengo palace and several other incidents. Facing all that, Walusimbi was guarded by one non uniform Updf officer.

During that of collecting 'ettoffaali' Kabaka's subjects had started making ebiyitirirwa for Mayiga until clan leaders opposed him, then Kabaka stopped the act.

Many that should have been good things were done in a short period when Mayiga had just started his term of office as Katikkiro, if quality wasn't compromised. Masengere building it's completion was done hurriedly, few weeks after    Kabaka  commissioning it, running rain water washed away part of its veranda and now tiles are pealing off the floor.

Mayiga is the first Katikkiro to be with an advanced team that carries his chair like Kabaka's namulondo.

A lot should have been exposed by media but Mayiga is being covered by Vision Group's CEO Robert Kabushenga and Mayiga's 'brother' Michael Ssebbowa the deputy Editor of Bukedde.

Today when you meet Mayiga on the road, it's after him passing and you realize it wasn't the CDF passing. Depending on the number of soldiers guarding him, you may mistaken him for a CDF. During late Andrew Felix Kaweesa's funeral Mayiga told the IGP that he was also leaving in fear. If you are a good man loved by Baganda why do you hide from them!

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