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Open Letter to ULS (Lawyer aren’t Angels) Featured

Written by  Jul 16, 2017

The days of UBC or New Vision as the only media houses are long behind us. Social media has taken over. The mere fact that BOU and ULS can respond to social media posts is a clear indication that Ugandans no longer rely

on print media. How many copies does New Vision circulate per day? Only 30,000 copies for a population of 40m people.

Studies show that most people in urban areas today get information from their phones. Multiple information sources have enabled the public to access more information and make judgment as to what’s true or not.

This is in response to a letter circulating on social media authored by the President of the Uganda Law Society (ULS) Francis Gimara castigating the general public for raising serious ethical and professional matters on the part of the 2 law firms hired by Bank of Uganda (BOU) to sue Sudhir.

Lawyers aren’t angels. They MUST accept to deal with public criticism, especially when handling public matters, and where we don’t even know how they were recruited to act on our behalf. There are lawyers in prisons in Uganda on flimsy charges of duping clients.

You speak like you have not seen the hundreds of complaints against lawyers on the notice board of the Law Council! If doctors, engineers, and teachers can take criticism, why shouldn’t lawyers do? If a person can sue a doctor for not doing his work as he should have done, why not us to talk about lawyers?

Justice Kavuma is a lawyer too, and has been criticized in the past, right?

In your letter, you have tactically avoided providing a cogent reason why Timothy Kanyerezi Masembe, the managing partner of MMAKS Advocates, a lawyer who has previously worked for Sudhir and Crane Bank on a number of transactions is now bringing a case against his former client representing a regulator? Why should BOU hire lawyers who represented Crane Bank? Do you not see serious conflicts of interest there?

Mr Gimara you fail to deal with pertinent issues that were raised by the public?

As you were typing your response, another coincidence (!) happened. The CEO of Vision Group, a government owned media house which has been releasing cover story after cover story about how Sudhir fraudulently siphoned Sh400b from Crane Bank, was seen in an unlikely place, owned by among whom lawyers from MMAKS with a founding partner of A. F. Mpanga (Bowmans), who’s likely to helm the case purportedly exchanging information.

New Vision has in this matter become the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge in the matter. Surprisingly, it’s headed by another lawyer!!!

The intention of Vision Group can be interpreted as a calculation to tarnish Sudhir’s name before his family, clients, business associates, public and courts. Even a nursery kid can see this! This appears to be a trial in the media.

Tighten your seatbelt because more issues are still coming out. How did BOU zero down to these 2 law firms, MMAKS and Bowmans?

How DFCU Bank, BOU, MMAKS are planning to swindle Sh500b. Details coming out tomorrow. Watch the space!

Last modified on Wednesday, 14 February 2018 11:10
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