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Is it the right time for Kabaka Mutebi to retire Mayiga?

Written by  Jul 20, 2017

In spite of all his achievements in a short period of time, the Buganda Kingdom subjects, have never been up in the arms with the Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi like it is in the reign of Flamboyant Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga

What has worsened the situation is that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has encountered a lot of court battles more than before from his own submissive subjects due to uncomfortable headship of Mayiga after he issued a directive for the issuance of land titles to all people who have settled on Buganda land. Katikkiro Mayiga recently on the orders of Kabaka directed the Buganda Land Board (BLB) to issue land tittles to legitimize his subjects dubbed Kyapa Mungalo’ requiring all his subjects living on the kingdom land to register their plots at a fee ranging between Shs100,000 and Shs600,000 depending on the location. Registration of land in Kampala, Wakiso or the surrounding areas is Shs600, 000 while in the rural areas, the owners pay Shs100, 000. Some subjects like Male Kiwanuka are currently in court with Kabaka challenging Land Board to impose compulsory registration fees and threats to evict people who will not register their land in the king’s name are illegal. Some frustrated Buganda Kingdom loyalist are busy wondering why Kabaka would allow Kattikiro Peter Mayiga to misadvise him to accept such unpopular land policy which would benefit Mayiga and his team of Mafias interested in earning exorbitant monies from the struggling subjects. Ever since Mayiga was appointed Katikiro in 2013, he came up with a money milking project like Ettofali where he collected a lot of money from Buganda King dome die hearts to complete Masengere building and purchase of Buganda broadcasting services TV but up to now he has never given a clear accountability on how all that money collected under the disguise of Kabaka was used. He has failed to complete and account for the money Buganda Kingdom received from well-wishers and government for the construction of Kasubi Tombs. This has left him with sharp disagreements with Princesses of Buganda who recently accused him of siphoning Project’s money which currently running at a snail pace. In 2016, Mayiga and Buganda land board gave mysteriously a land which used to house Nabagereka primary school to city business man John Bosco Muwonge which left more 1000 pupils stranded after its demolition. Katikiro is also being accused of directing Buganda land board to give away 7 square miles located in Magyo, Kyaggwe described as Volume 728 and Folio 11 and another piece of land in (Kibuga Block 16 plot 85) measuring approximately 6 acres in Nalukolongo at UGX4 billion to BIDCO oil company which displaced more than 10000 subjects. The case is still on going in commercial court aggrieved subjects being represented by Erick Muhwezi of Muhanguzi and Muhwezi Company Advocates. Due to serious threats culminating from his own land deals and other scandals, Kati Mayinga’s security has been beefed up with several dozens of UPDF soldiers manning his security for fear that his life could easily be shortened by angry subjects. This could be the reason why Kabaka should look in the matter and retire such a man from causing more hatred and scandals among his people.


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